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Wuthering Heights

Posted in Astronomy, Books, Gothic, Journal, Music, Reviews with tags , , , , on 27/08/2012 by Jen Healey

Now, I’ve never been so arrogant as to consider myself as a well-read person, I know I am not.  However, I do try to remedy that whenever I can, particularly when it comes to literature that is considered ‘classic’.  As you may have guessed by the title of this entry, subtle as it is, I recently read ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte, in scary-fast style (for me anyway).  Before now I had tried to read this novel, on more than one occasion, but was never able to get more than a few pages in.  I am really glad that I did not give it up though, as this time I could not put it down, I loved it.

Subsequently my Bank Holiday Monday has sounded like this –

Or if you’d prefer Noel Fielding as Kate Bush, here you go –

I have even started to learn it on my 99p piano, courtesy of YouTube.  I’m sure I’ll get sick of hearing it very soon, but today it’s been all I’ve wanted to listen to, soppy ol’ romantic that I am.  After I’d finished the book, yesterday I had a quick skim through some of the other comments/reviews left by some other members of goodreads, which I found differed wildly to my impression, for the most part.  The only one that I completely agreed with said simply “Ah Heathcliff!” – aches the heart as much as listening to the song gave me chills after I’d finished the story.  I’m as surprised as you, my friends.

My current interest in ‘classic’ art forms is not limited to literature, I’ve also been dipping my toe into classical music – stop falling off your seats!  It is mostly limited to pieces that are considered gothic in mood though.  However, thanks to Beth’s recent interest in astronomy, I have been revisiting Gustav Holst.  Beth loves Jupiter, both the planet and the piece of music, so we are both looking forward to our upcoming visit to the National Space Centre later this week (the second of the summer holidays!).

It’s been a while since we had some ‘dust’ (as hubby puts it) –


As for the gothic classical music, YouTube is also instrumental (punny – no?) in my discovering some pretty amazing stuff.  Check this out, it is a bit long, but pop it on in the background whilst you do something else if you don’t have the time –

Sinister stuff, eh?


What is Goth?

Posted in Gothic, Homemade with tags , , , , , , on 29/04/2011 by Jen Healey

I think there are probably as many answers to this question as there are Goths, but for myself, this lovely ‘Lady of the Manners’ sums it up pretty well… 

I discovered her website via Twitter and was interested to note that Stephen Fry follows her too, I was mildly surprised at that.  But Gothic Charm School, The Lady of the Manners’ website, is definitely worth a click by anyone, Goth or not.  She explains neatly and concisely what Goth is all about in her four short videos, while plugging her book ‘Gothic Charm School – An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them’ – yes it has been added to my ever-expanding to-read list! 

She also talks about Gothic arts and crafts in the fourth video, which may be of interest to the ladies at Sew Make Believe, as Goths are usually pretty creative people – out of necessity usually, as finding non-cheesy or well-made Gothic clothes and accessories can be pretty tricky sometimes.  Also, as Jillian Venters (The Lady of the Manners) explains, we are polite, nice people who know what it is like to be picked on and excluded, so are unlikely to make anti-social meetup members. 

It is also thanks to Twitter that I have discovered Etsy, which is a really cool site for crafty people to sell their handmade creations and for shoppers to bag a unique item or two, Goth or not.  I recently Tweeted a very cool pincushion or two that I may buy in the not-so-distant future which was found on Etsy. 

Like I needed more places to spend money I don’t have!  😉

(Image source – Amazon uk)

Victoria Frances

Posted in Gothic with tags , , , , on 30/03/2011 by Jen Healey

The time has come to share with you some artwork created by one of my favourite artists (the other being HR Giger of course).  Although most of my lovely friends will already be well acquainted, from visits to my home, with the gothic Romanticism of Victoria Frances.  Unfortunately her official website is only available in Spanish at the moment, but it is beautiful and well worth a quick click. 

Here are some of her works… 

I also have this piece in my kitchen…

And this is on the front cover of my diary, being the 2011 edition of her Favole Agenda which is also goth gorgeousness…

The Lady’s Realm

Posted in Books with tags on 05/03/2011 by Jen Healey

This post is a bit of a departure from my usual content, but it is a book, so is very much worthy of mention in my little corner of the tinty-net.  My hubby procured for me yet another quirky eBay bargain of this book containing excerpts from an old magazine titled, yes you guessed it – The Lady’s Realm, as he knows I have a penchant for Victoriana.  I’m not sure that it is, strictly speaking Victorian, as the selections are from 1904-1905, but I think it’s kinda cool. 

Here are some pictures from the inside, firstly, beauty tips Victorian style (with a very scary/tired looking model in some of them!)…

Please excuse the fuzziness of a few of them, it’s not easy to juggle a sleeping little person, a book and a camera. 

Next, a little something for the fashionable lady…

My particular favourite is the ‘house frock’, which is a  bit different to my jeans and a top whilst mooching around the house putting away the laundry.  Not that I suppose many of the ladies that were the target audience of this publication were apt to be doing their own housework I’m sure. 

I really love this piece – “Afternoon Tea Talk – Is Bridge Immoral?”, that is such a sweet idea to have a section on what to talk about at afternoon tea, a tradition I think should be taken up again everywhere.  Especially if cake would be served with the tea! 

Lifestyle section, including home and leisure… 

Recipes and childcare…  although, I don’t think my daughter would appreciate being served much from this book! 

And a bit of general whimsy…

I’m going to have to stop now, for fear of violating copyright, but I just think that some magazines would be much improved by a ‘Lady’s Realm Make-over’.  It would add a bit of class and elegance to the vulgarity that is splashed all over glossy shag-rags, full of ‘celebrities’ falling out of their cars and underwear, with vomit streaked makeup sliding south, it’s really not a good look.

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