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Posted in Supe-para-natural with tags on 17/08/2011 by Jen Healey

I’m not someone who takes credit for things that are not mine to take credit for, or blame, so credit where it’s due this story was brought to my attention by Zoe, member of the sadly no-longer-meeting meetup group ‘The Warwickshire Ghosthunters’ (we realised that the club took up more time than we had to give).  This is definitely worth a click –

What is Goth?

Posted in Gothic, Homemade with tags , , , , , , on 29/04/2011 by Jen Healey

I think there are probably as many answers to this question as there are Goths, but for myself, this lovely ‘Lady of the Manners’ sums it up pretty well… 

I discovered her website via Twitter and was interested to note that Stephen Fry follows her too, I was mildly surprised at that.  But Gothic Charm School, The Lady of the Manners’ website, is definitely worth a click by anyone, Goth or not.  She explains neatly and concisely what Goth is all about in her four short videos, while plugging her book ‘Gothic Charm School – An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them’ – yes it has been added to my ever-expanding to-read list! 

She also talks about Gothic arts and crafts in the fourth video, which may be of interest to the ladies at Sew Make Believe, as Goths are usually pretty creative people – out of necessity usually, as finding non-cheesy or well-made Gothic clothes and accessories can be pretty tricky sometimes.  Also, as Jillian Venters (The Lady of the Manners) explains, we are polite, nice people who know what it is like to be picked on and excluded, so are unlikely to make anti-social meetup members. 

It is also thanks to Twitter that I have discovered Etsy, which is a really cool site for crafty people to sell their handmade creations and for shoppers to bag a unique item or two, Goth or not.  I recently Tweeted a very cool pincushion or two that I may buy in the not-so-distant future which was found on Etsy. 

Like I needed more places to spend money I don’t have!  😉

(Image source – Amazon uk)

Do you believe?

Posted in Supe-para-natural with tags on 28/03/2011 by Jen Healey

Yesterday, my little family and myself went to dinner at my in-laws’ house, which serves as home, B&B and free-range poultry farm.  In its past it was an old mill with water wheel and mill stones, the former has been replaced with one that works at the flip of a switch and the latter remains as very old and worn decoration.  It is a lovely building in a very quiet location. 

Here is quite an old picture of the exterior of Mill House, which I took, for the website and brochures…

And here is a picture I took yesterday of one of the bedrooms…

Now, according to my mother-in-law, there has been more than one guest who has not had as peaceful a night as others have had in this room.  One story in particular I find unnerving, possibly due to my over-active imagination and the thought of waking up in said scenario would not be in my top five favourite situations.  This particular guest, a gentleman, came down for breakfast looking tired and pale.  He said he’d had a “rough night” in the room, as he’d woken to see three people floating above his bed.  He described them as male and wearing bandages all over their bodies, apart from their heads.  Their limbs were spread in a ‘free-falling/parachuting’ type pose.  He said that two of them faded and disappeared after a few moments, but one of them, a bald man, stayed there for ages!  I would’ve freaked!  This guest stayed for three more nights and reported that the same thing had happened during the night each morning.  The next guests to stay in that room straight after this gentleman were a couple.  The next morning, when asked about their stay, the lady guest described the room as being “full of sick people who were covered in bandages”!  Her husband had slept through peacefully without waking at all. 

I’m not sure about these accounts personally, although it is a bit of a coincidence.  I have been into that room many times, ok it was during the day, but I have never experienced any ill-feeling or unease myself.  

However, at their previous home, my father-in-law reported an experience that I do believe genuinely happened.  Probably because it was my father-in-law who saw it makes it more plausible to me, as he is a no-nonsense farmer-type who “wouldn’t go in for any o’ that rubbish”.  Also, I lived with them for a time there and on occasion I would feel uncomfortable for no discernible reason. 

According to my mother-in-law, who delights in regaling people with stories, he was looking out of their bedroom window at around 3am, not long after some local flooding, unable to sleep, when he apparently saw someone outside.  Believing this to be an intruder on his property, he naturally rapped on the window and shouted.  Apparently the interloper, an old gentleman, looked up, made eye contact and “shot back and turned into mist”.  Making my father-in-law dash back to the bed and hide under the covers!  Well I would too! 

Finally, here’s a vid off you tube, probably a fake, but it’s pretty freaky…

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