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Withnail & I

Posted in Comedy Genius, Films, Reviews with tags , , , , on 03/07/2013 by Jen Healey

Last Friday I went to Stratford Playhouse with the lovely Becky Lea, to see a late night showing of Withnail & I. It was an absolute tonic to the hectic hamster wheel that has been my schedule of late. We were not fortunate enough to be sitting in lucky seats, underneath which could be found a free dvd, but this did not detract from the experience. We did get a couple of free badges though, which were very cool.

Now, it is a completely iconic film, in my humble opinion. Which is why it saddens me that many people haven’t even heard of it. It is not because the actors are unknowns – Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann and Richard Griffiths – these are not obscure names, among others of course. An assumption about it I recently encountered was most disconcerting, that it is set in ‘Oliver Twist times’! Errr.. NO.

I believe that Becky is due to write a piece on Withnail & I soon, so I will leave it to her talent to write a review proper. Instead I will name-check her one more time today and include a link to a review she wrote on my beloved Labyrinth.
Enjoy – here.

Ok, I fibbed, I can’t resist adding a little preview from Withnail & I.



Thirty Seconds To Mars

Posted in Music, Reviews with tags , , , , on 24/05/2013 by Jen Healey

Not usually a band that I look up on YouTube, but after catching their latest vid on Scuzz, I thought I’d share –

Love this video!



Bowie and Reznor!

Posted in Journal, Mental Morsels, Music, Musings, Reviews with tags , , , , , , on 27/04/2013 by Jen Healey

I may just faint from the ridiculous excitement I experienced when I found this video this morning –

Be still my beating heart!

I accept that I am probably a long way behind those ‘with it’ cool cats who have their fingers on the proverbial pulse, who have been aware of this collaboration for an age now.¬† I’m comfortable with that.¬† In fact, it underlines the opinion I have about music, art and literature in general.¬† It may be ephemeral, but that just means that it is there to discover at any time, you just have to look behind you once in a while.

That is the beauty of music etc. you can find something that speaks to (or for) you and is in line with where you are in that snapshot of the moment.¬† You get it.¬† You feel it gets you.¬† It resonates somewhere in your soul.¬† I don’t think it is an obscure, complex or unattainable thing, in fact, it is the exact opposite.

I may be getting a little off-track, but I enjoy ‘just going with it’, from obsession to obsession – or as I like to think of it – being interested and excited about something.¬† Is that so wrong?¬† Or weird?¬† Again, I don’t think so.¬† Nor do I want to get bogged down in defining either of those W words, today.¬† I’d take¬†either over feeling world-weary or apathetic any day of the week.

Back to the star of the post, the vid, the lyrics of this are incredibly apt with my most recent perspective (realised whilst having a cup of tea in the park with a good friend of mine), which is that ‘normal people’ scare me.¬† They are so hostile, stressed and afraid of being human.¬† Scared that they won’t be able to maintain their apparent conformity with prescribed norms.¬† I’d like to examine the doctor.

I’ll stop before I get carried away, as is easy to do when you can’t hear the other person.

If I have introduced you to a tune/vid/artist that you enjoy Рaces!  They are both seriously yummy too.

Pick your level for today…

…and enjoy it.


Stones are still rockin’!

Posted in Music, Reviews with tags , on 08/11/2012 by Jen Healey

Lately I am really enjoying some of the music on Kerrang¬†radio, as the CD player in my car has been out-of-order for some considerable time.¬† The track I like in particular is the new studio single from the Rolling Stones –

Mick’s still got it!¬† I love it!¬† I reckon I’m going to put ‘GRRR!‘ to the top of my Christmas wish list.¬† Yes, I mentioned the dreaded C word, sorry!

What are you listening to this week/month?

Zombieland – not for kids

Posted in Comedy Genius, Films, Food, Reviews with tags , , , , , on 20/05/2012 by Jen Healey

Despite the title, this post will not be dedicated purely to the most awesome zom-com¬†film of the same name.¬† No.¬† I’m also going to ‘give a shout out’ to Twinkies and¬†Kool-aid.

Firstly,¬†those of you who¬†have not had the pleasure of watching Zombieland, you have missed a real treat.¬† To the rest of us, enjoy the opening scene –

What a perfect matching of zombies and Metallica – epic start to a film!

How does this link to Twinkies and Kool-aid¬†I hear you ask?¬† Well, Twinkies feature pretty significantly in Zombieland, at least the search for them does for Woody Harrelson.¬† Now, ever since I watched Ghostbusters¬†as a young ‘un I was always curious about what a Twinkie actually tastes like, exacerbated by the watching of Zombieland¬†last year for the first time.¬† Recently, thanks to a lovely lady in the States (Arkansas), hubby and I savoured our first ever Twinkies!¬† To your average American this probably sounds daft, but it was actually really exciting.¬† We washed them down with some Kool-aid!¬† I felt like I could have been in America!!!¬† We watched Zombieland whilst eating a Twinkie!!!¬† “You gotta enjoy the little things”¬† – it’s the rules!

An Idiot Abroad 2

Posted in Comedy Genius, Reviews, TV with tags , on 03/09/2011 by Jen Healey

I have just seen a clip/trailer/promo for the next series of An Idiot Abroad, the first series was hilarious, even more so given the fact that my hubby IS An Idiot Abroad.

Some of the things that Karl Pilkington said in the first series, no word of a lie, my husband has previously said!¬† Honest.¬† You really can’t write this stuff.

This bit was pretty funny, I love the inappropriateness of this for both the music and the¬†dancing –

I can’t wait for the next series, set to be aired on Sky on 23rd September 2011.

Sharing cool stuff is fun!

Goodreads Quote of the Day

Posted in Musings, Reviews, Wonderful Words with tags , on 02/09/2011 by Jen Healey

As quite a philosophical soul, I very much enjoy the daily email I get as a result of¬†my goodreads Quote of the Day subscription (free – obviously).¬† Rather than be incredibly unoriginal, rip them off and take undue credit, I am not going to share their chosen quotes on a daily basis, no matter how much I like them.¬† Apart from today, where the purpose of doing so¬†is to give you a taster.¬† Here it is –

St. Francis of Assisi

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”
‚ÄĒ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† St. Francis of Assisi
(The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi)
Pretty cool huh?¬† I love the contrast of darkness and light being thought of as a metaphor for hopefulness and hopelessness.¬† At least¬†that is my (maybe misguided) interpretation of this quote.¬† Although, I’m not married to this opinion, so would be interested in any other thoughts.
Related or otherwise.
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