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Wuthering Heights

Posted in Astronomy, Books, Gothic, Journal, Music, Reviews with tags , , , , on 27/08/2012 by Jen Healey

Now, I’ve never been so arrogant as to consider myself as a well-read person, I know I am not.  However, I do try to remedy that whenever I can, particularly when it comes to literature that is considered ‘classic’.  As you may have guessed by the title of this entry, subtle as it is, I recently read ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte, in scary-fast style (for me anyway).  Before now I had tried to read this novel, on more than one occasion, but was never able to get more than a few pages in.  I am really glad that I did not give it up though, as this time I could not put it down, I loved it.

Subsequently my Bank Holiday Monday has sounded like this –

Or if you’d prefer Noel Fielding as Kate Bush, here you go –

I have even started to learn it on my 99p piano, courtesy of YouTube.  I’m sure I’ll get sick of hearing it very soon, but today it’s been all I’ve wanted to listen to, soppy ol’ romantic that I am.  After I’d finished the book, yesterday I had a quick skim through some of the other comments/reviews left by some other members of goodreads, which I found differed wildly to my impression, for the most part.  The only one that I completely agreed with said simply “Ah Heathcliff!” – aches the heart as much as listening to the song gave me chills after I’d finished the story.  I’m as surprised as you, my friends.

My current interest in ‘classic’ art forms is not limited to literature, I’ve also been dipping my toe into classical music – stop falling off your seats!  It is mostly limited to pieces that are considered gothic in mood though.  However, thanks to Beth’s recent interest in astronomy, I have been revisiting Gustav Holst.  Beth loves Jupiter, both the planet and the piece of music, so we are both looking forward to our upcoming visit to the National Space Centre later this week (the second of the summer holidays!).

It’s been a while since we had some ‘dust’ (as hubby puts it) –


As for the gothic classical music, YouTube is also instrumental (punny – no?) in my discovering some pretty amazing stuff.  Check this out, it is a bit long, but pop it on in the background whilst you do something else if you don’t have the time –

Sinister stuff, eh?



Posted in Music with tags , on 16/03/2011 by Jen Healey

I’m not going to blather on about how great the Journey (not Glee) version of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ is, you surely know that already.  No, I want to share a different Journey song today, one that is so romantic and lovely it never fails to evoke emotion.  Here is ‘Faithfully’… (sorry I can’t find a source that doesn’t block the content being played directly here, but it’s worth a watch/listen, I promise, even if you know it already)

I was, frankly, incensed by some t#@* on You Tube posting this comment for ‘Faithfully’…

“Chicks, give up the idea of romance and move on, you all have kids anyway.  Guys singing away and swaying, you’re all pussies.” 

Now, I think that is uncalled for don’t you?

I’m so jealous!

Posted in Music with tags , on 25/02/2011 by Jen Healey

Whilst floating around you tube yesterday I came across and re-watched the following video, mouth agape at this obviously incredibly talented woman from Iceland.  I say re-watched because my hubby has previously found and shown it to me, albeit at a time when I was a little distracted by one of my little people, or both of them, I don’t recall.  It’s too early here at 6am to be coherent.  Anyway, here is what I aspire to play on my humble little 99p piano… 

And the coolest thing about discovering Vika, that’s her name, is that she will cover and provide sheet music for any song you like for 90 euros (however much that is?) from her website  She has a lot of cool songs already covered with sheet music ready to download for a donation of your choice – loads of Metallica and Nine Inch Nails! 

I’m really going to have to learn how to read music.

Sister Dear

Posted in Journal with tags , , , on 17/02/2011 by Jen Healey

As I write this my poor little sister will have been under the knife not two hours ago.  Not for any frivolous cosmetic reason, she’s only twenty-three and cute as a button.  But she has had repeated operations on her shoulder, for a long time.  Halfway through that last sentence I got a text stating that she’s just come back from operating theatre and may be going home tonight. 

It’s funny how, when you’ve spent all day distracting yourself and being busy, that when you hear eveything is alright you realise just how worried you really were.  No matter how many times you tell yourself that you are being daft, and that there’s no reason to fear losing someone you love, when they are young and fit, sometimes you just can’t help it.  Sorry Lotte.  But my relief at that little text message took me by surprise. 

Also, I’m really hoping to stop having the Mighty Boosh crimpette ‘Captain Cabinets’ from going round and round in my head, as it’s been in there all day – yes Lotte I blame you for that – and ‘Eels’ of course! 

Here they are for a little payback 🙂

I love you sis.  Feel better soon x

Another good habit.

Posted in Journal, Music with tags , on 16/02/2011 by Jen Healey

Following yesterdays theme of habits, I have another habit/compulsion that I indulge in on an almost daily basis, which isn’t too bad considering I have two little people to tend to, namely practising on my piano.  Now please don’t misunderstand me, I am not being boastful, because I’m an absolute beginner who never learnt how to read music, so trust me I am no great shakes at playing it.  But I love my bargain eBay buy, bought for me by my hubby for an extravagant 99 shiny new pennies as an early Christmas present, although it nearly cost his back also, as he moved it with a slipped disc. 

It’s not fancy, but it does have bags of shabby, worn character and is a touch out of tune I’m sure (how would I know though, apparently they can go out of tune when they are moved), but that’s what makes it mine. 

Here she is…

Ain’t she bootiful! 

My mission this year, in addition to writing everyday, is to learn to play like this…

I’m absolutely in awe of the skills possessed by anyone who is accomplished enough to play like that and, of course insanely jealous of them!  

For now…

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