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Wuthering Heights

Posted in Astronomy, Books, Gothic, Journal, Music, Reviews with tags , , , , on 27/08/2012 by Jen Healey

Now, I’ve never been so arrogant as to consider myself as a well-read person, I know I am not.  However, I do try to remedy that whenever I can, particularly when it comes to literature that is considered ‘classic’.  As you may have guessed by the title of this entry, subtle as it is, I recently read ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte, in scary-fast style (for me anyway).  Before now I had tried to read this novel, on more than one occasion, but was never able to get more than a few pages in.  I am really glad that I did not give it up though, as this time I could not put it down, I loved it.

Subsequently my Bank Holiday Monday has sounded like this –

Or if you’d prefer Noel Fielding as Kate Bush, here you go –

I have even started to learn it on my 99p piano, courtesy of YouTube.  I’m sure I’ll get sick of hearing it very soon, but today it’s been all I’ve wanted to listen to, soppy ol’ romantic that I am.  After I’d finished the book, yesterday I had a quick skim through some of the other comments/reviews left by some other members of goodreads, which I found differed wildly to my impression, for the most part.  The only one that I completely agreed with said simply “Ah Heathcliff!” – aches the heart as much as listening to the song gave me chills after I’d finished the story.  I’m as surprised as you, my friends.

My current interest in ‘classic’ art forms is not limited to literature, I’ve also been dipping my toe into classical music – stop falling off your seats!  It is mostly limited to pieces that are considered gothic in mood though.  However, thanks to Beth’s recent interest in astronomy, I have been revisiting Gustav Holst.  Beth loves Jupiter, both the planet and the piece of music, so we are both looking forward to our upcoming visit to the National Space Centre later this week (the second of the summer holidays!).

It’s been a while since we had some ‘dust’ (as hubby puts it) –


As for the gothic classical music, YouTube is also instrumental (punny – no?) in my discovering some pretty amazing stuff.  Check this out, it is a bit long, but pop it on in the background whilst you do something else if you don’t have the time –

Sinister stuff, eh?


Seasons smiles

Posted in Comedy Genius, Mental Morsels, Musings, TV with tags , , on 19/12/2011 by Jen Healey

Ok so Christmas is nearly here, am I all ready and wrapped?  No.  I’ll probably end up doing my usual wrapping fest into the early hours of Christmas day, again, but it’s good to have family traditions isn’t it?

If any of you fine people are all organised and ready, don’t tell me, that’s just bragging in the face of my annual anxiety.

This being the festive season, there are likely to be plenty of people all full of the ‘spirit of the season’, usually with the help of spirits or other boozy beverages.  This is nice and I hope that their Christmas is all that they wish for.  Truly I do.   But for those whose view is less than joyful, who see this time of year as a reminder of things that they have lost, or as a debt-inducing headache, or even just as another shitty day… Let us have some smiles that are flip-all to do with Santa, cards, lights, gifts and feeling guilty about those who have less than we do (not that we have buckets of cash, ’cause I know I really don’t), or getting all soppy about ‘the true meaning of Christmas’ – yuk.

Check these out instead –

This vid is a bit sketchy, but is genius!  Hubby found this one…

I love Johnny Depp, but then what straight woman doesn’t?

I have to pop some Boosh in, of course…

Are you missing the Boosh yet Nicola?  Got yourself a hankering for more?!

Here’s some Eddie Izzard via the medium of Lego –

In truth I actually can’t wait for the 25th, to see my little people opening their presents and the over-eating, specifically some hot Christmas pudding with cold double cream…mmmmm.  Ooooh and warm mince pies with cold clotted cream.

Tele-visual fare is usually pretty good too.

I think I will actually leave y’all with a cheesy thought, can’t not.  I think Christmas (not just the one day on the 25th) is what you choose it to be, so grab some rose-tint and make it a good ‘un.


Mummy’s morning

Posted in Books, Comedy Genius, Journal, TV with tags , , , on 18/03/2011 by Jen Healey

After my hectic dashing around yesterday morning, getting little people ready in time for school and my trip to the dentist, courtesy of my sister and Charmayne (thanks guys, although I did have Kate Bush in my head for the rest of the day!), it was nice to have a fellow mummy round this morning with her 4 week old baby girl for a nice chat with chocolate cupcakes and coffee (decaf, of course).  It wasn’t much of a play-date for my little lordship, as he’s nearly 7 months old and his little lady friend was asleep for the duration of the visit, but it was nice to just sit and have a grown up conversation with someone who is very much in the same stage of life as I am.  She does have 3 children to my 2, but I think we have a pretty good understanding of each others’ lives, as neither of us has the time or disposable income to be wearing designer clothes only once and shopping at M&S for our groceries.  Living proof that children are expensive, but priceless. 

She is, however, the only one of my friends who is yet to read the Twilight saga, therefore she currently has a copy of mine ready for when she has the time and inclination to visit Forks.  I hope she won’t be disappointed.  If that’s even possible!  Although, my all-time favourite author doesn’t seem to be very enamoured with Stephenie Meyer’s books… 

Hilarious!  I don’t know if it’s genuine, but I don’t care it’s funny.  I do dearly love the Twilight saga, but it’s nowhere near in the same league as the great Stephen King, sorry, not even close.  He is a far more accomplished and prolific writer of many more wonderful books than Stephenie Meyer is ever likely to be.  Fans of whom should really not be so precious about that.  Enjoy reading what you do, guilty pleasure or literary masterpiece, does it matter what anyone else thinks?  Really? 

If it makes you smile, or holds your attention in any way, that’s a good book surely?  Even if only a handful of people think so.  For myself I can’t stand any more of that mis-lit crap, I read a few and thought to myself, the world is full of cruelty and people behaving grossly towards each other, why would I want to read about it?  It is for that same reason I refuse to watch any type of soap opera or Jeremy Kyle chat-show, it’s everywhere you look in reality, why saturate yourself in it in your leisure time?  But, I do understand the lure of them for some and wouldn’t think any less of someone who loves their Eastenders or whatever, like I do with my True Blood.  I’d just rather laugh or indulge in a bit of supernatural fantasy than ‘real-life’ things, as my mother-in-law puts it “it’s not real”, which is kind-of the point.  That’s just me.  It’s these differences that make conversations interesting, understanding the perspective of another person, that is something else to enjoy I think, not be frustrated by. 

But differences in your music collections… they are a different story!  😉 

Here’s the Kate Bush right back at you, Noel Fielding style…


Posted in Comedy Genius, Journal with tags , , on 27/02/2011 by Jen Healey

On Friday morning I went to the dentist, my new dentist, with whom I am really pleased.  He is quick, professional and talks to me like I’m not an idiot, which is more than I could say for the shop assistant who served me on Friday afternoon in the village shop.  After struggling up to my GP surgery to collect a prescription, holding an umbrella and some bags whilst pushing a pushchair (a Quinny with nowhere to hang the bags onto) and making sure my five year old stays away from the road, only to discover that it was closed, I went into the local shop damp and a bit vexed.  Having a little moan to the lady, who knows me pretty well, did nothing but make me want to swear.  She said “Did you think you could just go up there and be seen?” – er no!  Ok walking about the village in the rain may not be the smartest thing to do, but I had many eBay and Amazon parcels to post, which I’d posted prior to my pointless trip to the doctors’, hence the bags.  However, I didn’t think that I came across as a self-important village idiot! 

At any other time I’d have dealt with that kind of exchange with humour, but not so when tired, damp and with a (then full) grocery bag to lug back home in the increasing rain.  Thankfully my daughter is a good girl, especially with the promise of a pack of Smarties, so the return journey was nothing but a tiring trudge interspersed with me kicking myself for not checking the opening times that are on the side of my fridge.  I guess I am a bit of an idiot.  But I am still owed a lot of sleep to be fair.  Interestingly, at a study day once, I learned that lack of sleep can have the same kind of effect on your performance as being drunk.  So technically I’m managing to (mostly) function absolutely sozzled! 

On returning home I cheered myself up with some clips of Noel Fielding and Bill Bailey, here’s a bit of each for you… 

Midfielding featuring Noel was introduced to me by my very good friend Michelle, who included it on a mix CD she made for me, it always makes me smile. 

And this Bill Bailey clip features a freak-out that I would’ve dearly loved to have had the guts to do at my previous dentist, he deserved it for charging me £600 for bridges that fell out twice!  Cue my new dentist to fix the damage done by them and to make me feel like a real old maid by fitting me for a partial denture!  At thirty! 😦

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