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Trekkies everywhere

Posted in Astronomy, Journal with tags , , , on 06/04/2013 by Jen Healey

… at the Space Centre today.  It was brilliant.


To mark the end of the two-week respite from the dreaded school-run we went to Leicester for a visit at the Space Centre.  A treat in itself, but there was a Star Trek Convention there today.

We ate lunch in the same room as Jean-Luc, saw Klingons (in New Rock boots), green-skinned women and the most amazing Borg dude – it was amazing.  I know that admitting this may well confirm my status as a geek, but it was great to see people enjoying themselves, dressing up and having fun.


This was the closest likeness of the guy we saw today that I could find (photo credit).  He even moved like a drone from time to time, it was genius.

An addition to the fun indoors, we even had some sunshine today, which was a nice change for this ‘spring’.


Beth loves it there, as do I.  Although, she went up to the top of the rocket/building in the lift, but point-blank refused to go back down in it, so we had to take the stairs.  At least we didn’t have to climb up them.


I love that the section on the right is called Thor!  Also, I got to listen to a bit of Bowie at the top, and write ‘Ziggy played guitar’ on a slip of paper for a display that documented what people remember about the moon landing – tee hee.



How to Reduce Stress & Take Care of Yourself

Posted in Journal, Mental Morsels with tags , , on 21/07/2012 by Jen Healey

Hi there,

I’ve had this bit of paper (with the above title) stashed in various drawers and folders for what must be years now.  I encounter it occasionally, think to myself ‘I really must share this on my blog’, then file it carefully away.  Eventually I’ll get sick of seeing it, so I thought I’d finally pull my finger out and copy it out here, now.

  2. Work no more than ten hours a day.
  3. Have at least one and half days a week free from normal work routine.
  4. Plan one ‘away from it all’ holiday each year.
  5. Allow at least 30 minutes for each meal.
  6. Eat slowly and chew well.
  7. Examine your eating habits and balance your diet.
  8. Cultivate the habit of listening to relaxing music.
  9. Practise relaxation or meditation twice a day (or better still three times) for at least 15 minutes at a time.
  10. Find a ‘hermit’ spot.  Use it daily and do not allow interruptions.
  11. Take at least TEN minutes daily for physical exercise, preferably in the open air.
  12. Have a regular massage or join a yoga class.
  13. Cultivate a creative, non-competitive hobby, and spend time on it – e.g. gardening, painting, making music, etc.
  14. Actively cultivate the habit of walking, talking and moving at a slower pace.
  15. Smile and respond cheerfully whenever meeting anyone.
  16. Remind yourself that you are an ENABLER, not a magician.  You can only change how you relate to people; you cannot change THEM.
  17. Caring and being there is sometimes more important than doing.  Admit you feel helpless when you do.
  18. Give support to others and learn to accept it in return.
  19. If emotional and/or sexual relationships are upsetting, seek advice.
  20. If you are unhappy at work, take stock and look at choices – i.e. retraining, new areas of work, job agencies etc.
  21. Avoid the tendency to dwell on the past.  Concentrate on the present.
  22. Express your feelings openly, without antagonism or hostility.
  23. Finish one task before moving onto another.
  24. Do not accept, or give yourself, unrealistic deadlines.  Do what is most urgent today, and leave the rest until tomorrow.
  25. Vary your routine as often as practicable.
  26. Say “thank you” to yourself whenever you have finished something that you feel satisfied with.
  27. Before you go to sleep, remember THREE good things that have happened during the day.
  28. Use supervision or the ‘buddy system’ regularly as a source of support, assurance and re-direction.
  29. Avoid ‘shop’ talk during breaks and when socialising with colleagues.
  30. Say “I choose…” rather than “I should, ought or have to…” Say “I won’t…” rather than “I can’t…
  31. Accept responsibility for your life.
  32. If you never say “No”, what is “Yes” worth?

Okay, some of these are pretty unrealistic, ‘have a regular massage’ etc.  Who has time or money for that?!  If you do, don’t rub it in!!

But on taking the time to really read through it, I may actually pop it on the side of my fridge, as it makes some rather useful (if challenging) points.

Quickly, before I forget, as I have the brain of a cheese sandwich at the moment.  Check this link (Nic) for some awesome film merch (better late than never) –


I love the horror T-Shirts, hubby got this Zombieland one for Father’s Day, along with a gift adoption of this wolf.  Spoilt boy!  He’s a great Dad though, so he deserves a present from each of our babies.

Have a good weekend y’all x



Happy Birthday Bambina!

Posted in Journal with tags on 22/06/2012 by Jen Healey

Today (22/06/12) my beautiful little girl turned 7!  How did that happen?  I have a 7-year-old daughter, who makes me so proud everyday that she is the awesome little angel that flew into my life seven years ago… well I say flew, those 18 hours in induced labour did not feel like they flew!  She asked me the other day, at bedtime, if it hurt having babies.  Not being someone who likes to lie to anyone, least of all my children, I said “Yes it does”.  But, being the sensitive little soul she is, I obviously was not about to elaborate further.  So you can imagine my relief when she didn’t ask for any other details.  Instead she said “Did it hurt when you had me Mummy?”, to which I replied truthfully, “Yes, but you were worth it… a thousand times over”.  I’m sharing this, not to elicit any praise, but to illustrate that no matter what parents go through for their children, they are worth it.

This will have to be my mantra when I’m surrounded by noisy, excited children on Sunday, at the dreaded birthday party.  Urgh.  Like I said though, she’s worth it.  This will be the second birthday party that has involved inviting the whole of my daughter’s class at school.  At least I don’t have food to organise or a venue to have to clean up afterwards.  I am also very fortunate in that the party is a joint party with a little boy, who was 6 today.  His mother has been a huge help in the organising of the party.  She has also been thoughtful in telling me about school-type stuff like school trip requirements for yesterday and non-uniform day today.  These are little things that are easy to forget, especially when you’re a busy, sleep-deprived mum who has been taking care of her daughter with chicken pox for a week.  Thank goodness the spots scabbed over in time for my little girl to go on her school trip yesterday and to her In2Cultures dance/show this evening.  Tomorrow she/we are going to collect her birthday cake and then go to the school fete (worse than death).  Followed by the big event on Sunday.  She is going to be sooo tired Sunday night.  I’m tired already just thinking about all the activities.

Better go to bed.

Wishing you all a good weekend x

Urgh… HOT!!!

Posted in Fledgling Foodie File, Food, Gothic, Homemade, Journal, Music with tags , , , , , , , on 27/05/2012 by Jen Healey

I hardly ever moan about it being cold, so I’m entitled to say “It is too hot”!  I’m well aware that this is nothing compared to other countries’ hot weather/temperatures, but I’m British ok, so I like it colder, cloudier, windier, rainier… you get my drift.

I have problems sleeping well in these temperatures, waking often and remembering crazy, heat-induced dreams.  I think it is time to start stopping off for some frosty frappucino-type beverages, coolness and caffeine, mmmm.  This is definitely the time of year for cold drinks, shade-seeking (as I do not yet own a gorgeously Goth parasol) and ‘full-on’ fans.

Speaking of cold drinks, I only have one sachet of Kool-Aid left from my pal in America, so I’ll be making more of these –

Thick Strawberry Milkshakes. 

They are easy and scrummy.

Please feel free to share any culinary coolers, they will be gratefully received and shared.

Today my incredibly sweet (and handsome) hubby took a trip into town with our daughter, they returned with lunch and two pressies for me!

Check ’em out –

This is the same game/box, can you tell the difference (apart from my using the flash!)?

Yes, the picture changes.  Tee hee.  Look closer –

Goodly, chaste lady becomes –

Rampant, blood-thirsty Vampire!

You gotta enjoy the little things.  It actually looks like a fun game, for 3-6 players… any takers?

They also bought this back for me –

Yes, that is a brand new copy of Mr Manson’s latest album!  Am I the luckiest, most spoilt Mummy ever or what?  How perfect are these gifts for me?!

Cool gifts on a hot day 🙂

I hope your Sunday is a good one y’all!


Happy Birthday to me!

Posted in Gothic, Journal with tags , , , , , , on 13/01/2012 by Jen Healey

Ok, so I’m a bit late with this, but I really haven’t had time to visit here lately.  So… catch up time.

Christmas was a lovely day, my little people had great fun with the many, many presents from Santa (who will have to watch the pennies now, I’m sure).  It really was wonderful to spend the whole festive season with my children, they really make it magical, ah to believe in Santa again.

My birthday, which I usually dread, was so lovely that my bottom lip split with all the smiling I did – I kid you not.  This was down to, as always, my sweet hubby, who will remain in the ‘good-books’ for quite some time – he still is almost two weeks later.  He had planned a surprise birthday party for me (on my 31st birthday! – New Years Day).  It wasn’t an ‘all-out’ do, just hubby, my babies and the in-laws at hubby’s parents’ house.  I don’t think that my poor mother-in-law would have appreciated her house being overrun by all the (fabulous) people in my life/address book!  But it was perfect.  My little people enjoyed playing with (or watching, in Jakey’s case) their cousins.  The food was scrummy and the cake…


Check it out –

It is almost all gone now, although I plan to save the largest black curl for as long as I can.  Which will be pretty tricky, as the black decorations turn your mouth (and fingers) really black.

Here are some more shots of the coolest cake I have ever seen –

For those of you who are not familiar with the works of the brilliant Tim Burton, this cake is based on his film The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I have started collecting selected items of NBC merch for my ‘Goth Shrine’ in my kitchen.  Here is the cake where it would have been perfect to keep it forever, if we hadn’t started eating it.

My shrine is coming along quite nicely now, thanks to recent additions since Christmas of the big Jack Skellington with his pumpkin and the mug – which I can’t quite bring myself to actually use yet (what have I become?!).

…and yes that is an actual four pack of True Blood!  It is not actually blood but Blood Orange flavour pop/soda – tee hee.

A final testament to what a massive geek I am (which I am comfortable with), is this ‘piece’ combining both vampires and the Nightmare Before Christmas – Vampire Jack!



Seasons smiles

Posted in Comedy Genius, Mental Morsels, Musings, TV with tags , , on 19/12/2011 by Jen Healey

Ok so Christmas is nearly here, am I all ready and wrapped?  No.  I’ll probably end up doing my usual wrapping fest into the early hours of Christmas day, again, but it’s good to have family traditions isn’t it?

If any of you fine people are all organised and ready, don’t tell me, that’s just bragging in the face of my annual anxiety.

This being the festive season, there are likely to be plenty of people all full of the ‘spirit of the season’, usually with the help of spirits or other boozy beverages.  This is nice and I hope that their Christmas is all that they wish for.  Truly I do.   But for those whose view is less than joyful, who see this time of year as a reminder of things that they have lost, or as a debt-inducing headache, or even just as another shitty day… Let us have some smiles that are flip-all to do with Santa, cards, lights, gifts and feeling guilty about those who have less than we do (not that we have buckets of cash, ’cause I know I really don’t), or getting all soppy about ‘the true meaning of Christmas’ – yuk.

Check these out instead –

This vid is a bit sketchy, but is genius!  Hubby found this one…

I love Johnny Depp, but then what straight woman doesn’t?

I have to pop some Boosh in, of course…

Are you missing the Boosh yet Nicola?  Got yourself a hankering for more?!

Here’s some Eddie Izzard via the medium of Lego –

In truth I actually can’t wait for the 25th, to see my little people opening their presents and the over-eating, specifically some hot Christmas pudding with cold double cream…mmmmm.  Ooooh and warm mince pies with cold clotted cream.

Tele-visual fare is usually pretty good too.

I think I will actually leave y’all with a cheesy thought, can’t not.  I think Christmas (not just the one day on the 25th) is what you choose it to be, so grab some rose-tint and make it a good ‘un.


Jakey’s 1st Birthday

Posted in Fledgling Foodie File, Food, Homemade, Journal with tags , , , , on 08/09/2011 by Jen Healey

Today is/was my little baby boy’s first birthday, it was pretty busy in places, but he’s fast asleep as I type – all tuckered out!  He’s not the only one!  The whole household is pretty tired, but I think we’ve all enjoyed marking the occasion.  We didn’t have a party, but there was a cake or two, obviously made by yours truly.  There were fairy cakes, which I baked yesterday and iced today –

The birthday boy, whilst I was icing and assembling the above, ate an entire (un-iced) fairy cake – that’s my boy!

His birthday cake was a chocolate sandwich cake, from a Cadbury’s cookbook, which I baked and iced yesterday, but applied the crumbled Flake today (as suggested by my hubby).

This was pretty much it’s best side!

I think I should maybe have a few days off baking, after one last batch of biscuits tomorrow (Rachel, save some room at lunch time).  This obsession is taking over my blog and I have many other subjects to blog about which aren’t getting a look in at the moment.

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