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Thirty Seconds To Mars

Posted in Music, Reviews with tags , , , , on 24/05/2013 by Jen Healey

Not usually a band that I look up on YouTube, but after catching their latest vid on Scuzz, I thought I’d share –

Love this video!



Bolt Thrower

Posted in Journal, Music, Reviews with tags , on 29/04/2013 by Jen Healey

Beware the naughty swears!  There will be a fair few today.

I have, until now, resisted the urge to drop this particular name on¬†my blog, but I can no longer.¬† I have a cousin in a band.¬† A proper band.¬† A proper band that plays kick-fuckin’-ass metal, has released albums and tours the world!

His name is Martin Kearns and he plays for the British death metal band Bolt Thrower!  Fuck yeah.

How fucking ridiculously proud was I this morning when, after googlizing his name, I found this on Wikipedia!?! РClick here.


That’s my cousin!!!!

I really can’t stop smiling when I think that guy and I used to play together as kids – good times.¬† Apart from one time that he got me into trouble over a certain¬†story we recorded (featuring a Mr Twat, I believe)¬†on my Fisher Price tape recorder!


I can’t quite believe I found this picture either hahahaha!¬† (Source)

Anyway, here’s an example of him being awesome –

Ok, I’m done being all boastful now.¬† I’m just so proud of him.¬† Love ya, cuz!

Have a great fuckin’ day!


P.s.¬† Bolt Thrower are touring soon – Return To Chaos 2013¬†– check ’em out if you’re in the area.

England made…

Posted in Comedy Genius, Music with tags , , , on 31/10/2012 by Jen Healey

Whilst going through my bag of paperwork, which I’m not embarrassed to say has been overflowing for months, I found a list of bands born in the UK.¬† I can’t claim to be much of an anorak when it comes to music, so I cannot take the credit for knowing that the following bands were British, that belongs to the comedian¬†Steve Hughes and his amazing rant about the X-Factor (urgh).¬† I had to write the list down (thank goodness for Sky+) but these are all from our little island –

  • Black Sabbath
  • Judas Priest
  • Iron Maiden
  • Venom
  • Motorhead
  • Def Leppard
  • Deep Purple
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Rolling Stones
  • The Who
  • The Beatles
  • The Smiths
  • The Cure
  • The Damned
  • The Jam
  • The Police
  • The Sex Pistols
  • The Clash
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Kate Bush
  • Jarvis Cocker
  • David Bowie
  • Queen
  • Pink Floyd
  • Radiohead
  • Supertramp
  • Chemical Brothers
  • The Prodigy

Now I don’t enjoy all of these performers, but you have to admit that it is a pretty formidable list.

Here is the man himself making a great point –

The vid is a little sketchy, but you get the idea.¬† The full gig is very much worth a watch –

Full show here…

Happy Halloween y’all!


Urgh… HOT!!!

Posted in Fledgling Foodie File, Food, Gothic, Homemade, Journal, Music with tags , , , , , , , on 27/05/2012 by Jen Healey

I hardly ever moan about it being cold, so I’m entitled to say “It is too hot”!¬† I’m well aware that this is nothing compared to other countries’ hot weather/temperatures, but I’m British ok, so I like it colder, cloudier, windier, rainier… you get my drift.

I have problems sleeping well in these temperatures,¬†waking often and remembering crazy, heat-induced dreams.¬† I think it is time to start stopping off¬†for some frosty frappucino-type¬†beverages, coolness and caffeine, mmmm.¬† This is definitely¬†the time of year¬†for cold drinks, shade-seeking (as I do not yet own a gorgeously Goth parasol)¬†and ‘full-on’ fans.

Speaking of cold drinks, I only have one sachet of Kool-Aid left from my pal in America, so I’ll be making more of these –

Thick Strawberry Milkshakes. 

They are easy and scrummy.

Please feel free to share any culinary coolers, they will be gratefully received and shared.

Today my incredibly sweet (and handsome) hubby took a trip into town with our daughter, they returned with lunch and two pressies for me!

Check ’em out –

This is the same game/box, can you tell the difference (apart from my using the flash!)?

Yes, the picture changes.¬† Tee hee.¬† Look closer –

Goodly, chaste lady becomes –

Rampant, blood-thirsty Vampire!

You gotta enjoy the little things.¬† It actually looks like a fun game, for 3-6 players… any takers?

They also bought this back for me¬†–

Yes, that is a brand new copy of Mr Manson’s latest album!¬† Am I the luckiest, most spoilt Mummy ever or what?¬† How perfect are these gifts for me?!

Cool gifts on a hot day ūüôā

I hope your Sunday is a good one y’all!


Zombieland – not for kids

Posted in Comedy Genius, Films, Food, Reviews with tags , , , , , on 20/05/2012 by Jen Healey

Despite the title, this post will not be dedicated purely to the most awesome zom-com¬†film of the same name.¬† No.¬† I’m also going to ‘give a shout out’ to Twinkies and¬†Kool-aid.

Firstly,¬†those of you who¬†have not had the pleasure of watching Zombieland, you have missed a real treat.¬† To the rest of us, enjoy the opening scene –

What a perfect matching of zombies and Metallica – epic start to a film!

How does this link to Twinkies and Kool-aid¬†I hear you ask?¬† Well, Twinkies feature pretty significantly in Zombieland, at least the search for them does for Woody Harrelson.¬† Now, ever since I watched Ghostbusters¬†as a young ‘un I was always curious about what a Twinkie actually tastes like, exacerbated by the watching of Zombieland¬†last year for the first time.¬† Recently, thanks to a lovely lady in the States (Arkansas), hubby and I savoured our first ever Twinkies!¬† To your average American this probably sounds daft, but it was actually really exciting.¬† We washed them down with some Kool-aid!¬† I felt like I could have been in America!!!¬† We watched Zombieland whilst eating a Twinkie!!!¬† “You gotta enjoy the little things”¬† – it’s the rules!

They were bloody good!

Posted in Mental Morsels, Music, Musings with tags , , , on 10/09/2011 by Jen Healey

Lately I’m listening to quite a bit of music that harks back to my teens, after quite a long stint of¬†listening to Type O Negative, classic rock (judge all you like, you know it’s good) and not a great deal else.

As the CD player in my car has officially handed in its notice, and I’m not posh enough to have mp3 capability in it,¬†I have been subjected to listening to the radio on a regular basis.¬† Hmmmm.¬† It sometimes surprises and delights, but the majority of it sucks!¬† Kerrang radio¬†seems to be¬†the least worst of the stations that I flick through whilst driving.¬† They have recently played some fairly awesome tracks from decent bands, which were really unexpected.

For example, Skunk Anansie 

Yes, back in the day,¬†I did indeed¬†love to wear the black lipstick whenever possible.¬† I remember really ‘reading into’ the headmistress of my high school saying that I looked “awful” in my metal/goth-ness one non-uniform day as she walked past me in the corridor (incidentally, this is the only occasion that she spoke to me during my days at high school).¬† What¬†better representation and reinforcement of my¬†angsty¬†‘fuck the system’ feelings could I have asked for?!¬† I didn’t think much to her button-down pastels and tweedy, ultra conservative erm… style?!!!¬† You don’t see me saying that kind of thing to others about their clothing/make-up choices.¬† Flippin’ old trout with her rudeness.¬† Humph.

But I digress, Skunk Anansie were a huge part of my teenage playlist – not that it was called a playlist in the 90’s, probably a mix-tape.¬† Yeah I went there.¬† They disbanded for many years but are back together and recording again¬†I believe.

Another band that fell off my radar, by which I mean I forget about them for big chunks of time, then really enjoy having a good old (private) sing-a-long when I hear them on the radio, are Placebo.

Pearl Jam also seem to be getting a good airing at the moment, yay!

Pantera featured pretty heavily and was a regular in my cassette Walkman on the school bus, playground and in odd maths lesson РI had a lot of long hair that made this possible.  In fact after Guns n Roses they were my next favourite band in my early teens.  Later on discovered the awesome world of industrial metal in the form of White Zombie, Ministry and the mighty Nine Inch Nails.  This video combines both NIN and The Crow Рwhich was watched many times and graced my bedroom wall.

Brandon Lee was hot, especially made up and wearing black.

It is a shame when a band that you love becomes associated with an unhappy time in your life, or is that just me?¬† But I’m all for revisiting those albums, after a decent chunk of time has passed, so that I can take them back.¬† I’m starting to agree with the cheesy notion that, the past should not interfere with the present to the degree that it impairs your enjoyment of things that used to give you pleasure.¬† With that in mind, I’m ‘taking back’ some of the bands that I didn’t listen to because of the memories that they evoke.¬† I figure that letting the past control what you do in the present is not going to help¬†anyone¬†to move forward.

Taking it back…¬† ūüôā


RIP Peter Steele

Posted in Gothic, Music with tags , , on 14/04/2011 by Jen Healey

This is (pathetically) quite a¬†tricky post to write. ¬†I don’t really know what to say about the death of¬†Peter Steele, frontman of the awesome gothic metal band¬†Type O Negative,¬†on 14th April 2010 of heart failure, other than it kinda broke my heart a little. ¬†Do I sound like a dopey, pining teenager yet?¬†

Now I am not professing to be a fanatic here.¬† I would fail any kind of quiz on Peter Steele/Type O Negative, there is plenty of material that I have not yet¬†given my full attention to and I don’t have any TON tattoos.¬† But they are my favourite band and probably always will be.¬† I am thirty after all, and I am yet to find anyone that even comes close to comparing to them.¬†

I appreciate that not everyone will agree with me that the man was incredibly sexy, but for me he was yummy (in the¬†pre-beard days)!¬† Factor in¬†his size, pallor, long black hair, and¬†the¬†deep, melting¬†voice¬†singing amazing¬†lyrics –¬†that is a pretty irresistible package (fans will know what I’m talking about when I say size, not just his towering height and physique¬†– naughty pic on google images if you search for Peter Steele).¬† Also, he was great mates with another band¬†who I listened to repeatedly in my teens – Pantera, who also lost a band mate in an untimely fashion (RIP Dimebag).¬†

Peter Steele also struck me as a bit of a romantic, it may have been an image created for publicity, but I like to think it was genuine.  After all, he was arrested for a scuffle with a love rival, shows that he cared I guess, albeit in a bit of a misguided way.  A tortured artist too, with the crazy substance abuse that unfortunately seems to always accompany such individuals.  It is always a side-effect of greatness it (depressingly) seems, that the personal lives of the best, most creative people of the world are so miserable and tormented.  Not to mention the obligatory prison-time and psych-ward stay.  Poor guy. 

On the Wikipedia link from his name, on the subject of his death, it states that he had been “enjoying a long¬†period of sobriety and improved health and was imminently due to begin writing and recording new music”.¬† Gutting!¬† As my hubby says,¬†he had so much more to give.¬†

Follow this link¬†to watch some “sonic therapy” from Type O Negative.¬† For added poignancy today I would recommend ‘Everything Dies’, it gives me chills.¬†

We miss you Pete…

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