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Bloody “Dexter” Cupcakes

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Now these deserve a post all of their very own!


Yum!  They are from here – click.

Thanks A x

Happy Bank Holiday!


Happy Birthday to me!

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Ok, so I’m a bit late with this, but I really haven’t had time to visit here lately.  So… catch up time.

Christmas was a lovely day, my little people had great fun with the many, many presents from Santa (who will have to watch the pennies now, I’m sure).  It really was wonderful to spend the whole festive season with my children, they really make it magical, ah to believe in Santa again.

My birthday, which I usually dread, was so lovely that my bottom lip split with all the smiling I did – I kid you not.  This was down to, as always, my sweet hubby, who will remain in the ‘good-books’ for quite some time – he still is almost two weeks later.  He had planned a surprise birthday party for me (on my 31st birthday! – New Years Day).  It wasn’t an ‘all-out’ do, just hubby, my babies and the in-laws at hubby’s parents’ house.  I don’t think that my poor mother-in-law would have appreciated her house being overrun by all the (fabulous) people in my life/address book!  But it was perfect.  My little people enjoyed playing with (or watching, in Jakey’s case) their cousins.  The food was scrummy and the cake…


Check it out –

It is almost all gone now, although I plan to save the largest black curl for as long as I can.  Which will be pretty tricky, as the black decorations turn your mouth (and fingers) really black.

Here are some more shots of the coolest cake I have ever seen –

For those of you who are not familiar with the works of the brilliant Tim Burton, this cake is based on his film The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I have started collecting selected items of NBC merch for my ‘Goth Shrine’ in my kitchen.  Here is the cake where it would have been perfect to keep it forever, if we hadn’t started eating it.

My shrine is coming along quite nicely now, thanks to recent additions since Christmas of the big Jack Skellington with his pumpkin and the mug – which I can’t quite bring myself to actually use yet (what have I become?!).

…and yes that is an actual four pack of True Blood!  It is not actually blood but Blood Orange flavour pop/soda – tee hee.

A final testament to what a massive geek I am (which I am comfortable with), is this ‘piece’ combining both vampires and the Nightmare Before Christmas – Vampire Jack!



Leamington Food and Drink Festival

Posted in Food, Journal with tags , , on 18/09/2011 by Jen Healey

Last Sunday my little family and I went to the Food and Drink Festival that was held at the Royal Pump Rooms Gardens, it was a really nice morning.  I had been to the library a few times, but never actually walked round the museum at the Pump Rooms.  Neither did I realise that there was a gorgeous room like this in there –

But enough of that, there are pictures of cakes to look at.  Here are a few pictures of the festival, taken wide so that people don’t go kicking up a stink about their image being used without consent forms!

On the far left of this picture there is the stall of a very fine local food producer – Offchurch Poultry, their chicken burgers and sausages are eaten very frequently in our house (not that we’re related or anything!).

There was even a Mexican-style Mariachi band, which was fun to watch –

People always step in the way at precisely the wrong moment, apologies to the middle musician!

Now for the cakes…

The elusive Red Velvet cupcake, which I am yet to try, let alone bake.

Well it is the end of National Cupcake Week, so, as I didn’t bake any yet, I’ll show you some funky-looking cupcakes made by someone else.

Of course I had to buy a couple, Beth had one with a black ribbon (her choice, surprisingly, I’d have guessed pink!), which just about made it home.

I had to go for a chocolate one –

Hubby’s not really a big cake fan, but he does like bread and cheese, so I spied and bought him some caramelised onion bread and a gorgeous cheese and onion focaccia bread.  I barely had the chance to snap the focaccia before it was completely devoured!

It was a circle of bread!!!

It was so soft, not crusty like the ones on the Great British Bake Off, which I think is a good thing.

This Sunday I have a family birthday party to go to, so I’m off to get people ready.  I hope your Sunday is/was an enjoyable one x


Grandma’s Cheese Puff Triangles

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Today’s baking attempt was from a childhood memory that I hold dear, making cheese-filled and topped puff pastries with my grandma.  The finished product would look a bit like this –

I don’t think that I’ve cracked it yet, but I really enjoyed that first bite.  Despite not being quite right, it still took me back and I was back in grandma’s kitchen as a little girl.

I ran out of cheese, so didn’t top them all enough and I think that I rolled the puff pastry a touch too thin.

This one was probably the best of the batch.  Lotte, you may have to help me fill in the gaps!  I’m not sure but I may be missing something…

Beth had some puff pastry fun too –

Sitting on cooling racks is how I most remember Grandma’s cheese pastries, my impatience cementing the image below in my young mind, waiting for them to cool always took too long.

They are not likely to last very long, as everyone in the house loves cheese, so I guess I’ll be using my kitchen as a time-machine again quite soon.  Maybe I should go for mince pies a bit closer to Christmas?  I haven’t tasted a better mince-pie than the ones grandma used to bake.


Jakey’s 1st Birthday

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Today is/was my little baby boy’s first birthday, it was pretty busy in places, but he’s fast asleep as I type – all tuckered out!  He’s not the only one!  The whole household is pretty tired, but I think we’ve all enjoyed marking the occasion.  We didn’t have a party, but there was a cake or two, obviously made by yours truly.  There were fairy cakes, which I baked yesterday and iced today –

The birthday boy, whilst I was icing and assembling the above, ate an entire (un-iced) fairy cake – that’s my boy!

His birthday cake was a chocolate sandwich cake, from a Cadbury’s cookbook, which I baked and iced yesterday, but applied the crumbled Flake today (as suggested by my hubby).

This was pretty much it’s best side!

I think I should maybe have a few days off baking, after one last batch of biscuits tomorrow (Rachel, save some room at lunch time).  This obsession is taking over my blog and I have many other subjects to blog about which aren’t getting a look in at the moment.

Bake-free Tuesday

Posted in Fledgling Foodie File, Food, Homemade, Journal with tags , on 06/09/2011 by Jen Healey

Today I have not baked anything yet!  I might have to use up the couple of dough-logs that I have left over in the fridge to abate my withdrawal symptoms to bake some biscuits.  Flippin’ Great British Bake Off, I’m sure my cakey-bakey obsession is being fuelled by my watching it, twice a week.

I did make some biscuits both yesterday and the day before however.

Sunday it was the quadruple chocolate beauties and yesterday it was the plain biscuits, which turned out more crumbly with softer butter and a dough that was worked a bit more –

Okay so they are not all uniform in size or colour, but they are yummy and I can’t believe that it has taken me until I am 30 years old to discover the wonder that is baking!  I used to love spending time at my grandma’s house ‘helping’ her to bake her cheese biscuits, mince pies and tea cake.  I always think of her when I bake, which has become everyday at the moment.  It is a lovely way to spend any bit of kitchen-time I can snatch that isn’t doing the everyday little tasks; loading the washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer, cooking meals etc.

Baking is more than therapeutic, it is my new addiction.

Although, I don’t really mind that much about not managing to bake today, as it has been a bit of a tiring day.  It was Bethany’s first day at a new school and I was so anxious for her to have a good day along with feeling very excited for her, as it appears to be a lovely little school.  I was so pleased that I almost clapped as I watched her file out with a proper bounce in her step and she was beaming – wonderful stuff.

Also, as my little boy is one on Thursday, I took a quick trip to Leamington with him this morning and spent a good chunk of cash in the Early Learning Centre and Clintons.

Which doesn’t sound like that much really, but I have been up and on the go since 5:45am.  So I’m off to bed early-ish, as I’m more busy tomorrow.


Quadruple Chocolate Cookies

Posted in Fledgling Foodie File, Food, Homemade, Journal with tags on 06/09/2011 by Jen Healey

I’m not sure there is such a thing as quadruple chocolate cookies but these biscuits that I made on 4th September have lots of chocolate in/on them.  The dough was made with cocoa, to which I added white chocolate chunks and milk chocolate chunks.  Once they were baked and cooled, the cookies then got a dose of melted white chocolate, I reckon that makes them quadruple chocolate creations…

They are all gone now…

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