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Bloody “Dexter” Cupcakes

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Now these deserve a post all of their very own!


Yum!  They are from here – click.

Thanks A x

Happy Bank Holiday!



Jakey’s 1st Birthday

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Today is/was my little baby boy’s first birthday, it was pretty busy in places, but he’s fast asleep as I type – all tuckered out!  He’s not the only one!  The whole household is pretty tired, but I think we’ve all enjoyed marking the occasion.  We didn’t have a party, but there was a cake or two, obviously made by yours truly.  There were fairy cakes, which I baked yesterday and iced today –

The birthday boy, whilst I was icing and assembling the above, ate an entire (un-iced) fairy cake – that’s my boy!

His birthday cake was a chocolate sandwich cake, from a Cadbury’s cookbook, which I baked and iced yesterday, but applied the crumbled Flake today (as suggested by my hubby).

This was pretty much it’s best side!

I think I should maybe have a few days off baking, after one last batch of biscuits tomorrow (Rachel, save some room at lunch time).  This obsession is taking over my blog and I have many other subjects to blog about which aren’t getting a look in at the moment.

My First Chocolate Cake

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Sounds like the title of a children’s cookbook.  Anyway, yesterday (2nd September) I baked my first ever chocolate sandwich cake.  It looked better than it photographed and tasted yum!  That sounds like I ate the whole thing to myself… I haven’t.  There is still half of it left and I had two (and a bit) pieces over yesterday and today.

The top is dusted with Cocoa powder, although, I think whipped cream might be nice to top it with if it is going to be shared with a crowd next time.

Today I made some cookies with the same recipe I used for my first attempt/flop, these weren’t much better really, but they are going down pretty well, considering.

Proper Buttercream

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My second batch of fairy cakes (baked on Wednesday 31st August), made using Rachel Allen’s Bake recipe book, had a buttercream filling/topping made by heating milk, sugar and egg yolks carefully and adding this custard to softened butter and vanilla flavouring.

This is the plate of cakes that I assembled –

This is the plate of cakes that Beth assembled –

I think she did really well.

Here’s the one that ended up on the kitchen floor –

…proving that you shouldn’t run with cakes (I’ll know better next time – kidding!).

And this is the one that never got a topping –

Well, I had a hot drink and they hadn’t cooled yet!  I’m only human!

Fledgling Foodie Files #2

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The title of this blog will be the new category in which I am going to record all the new baking/cooking that I am doing, whether it’s a success or not!  I have always enjoyed cooking, reading cookbooks and watching cooking programmes on tv, so I’m indulging myself in an activity that brings me a lot of pleasure.  I like to cook, feed others, eat and write – so my Fledgling Foodie Files are born – please be kind.  Those of you who know me, know that I have no formal culinary training to speak of, I don’t really count the cheese and potato pie that I made in high school, and my grandma, who baked great treats when she was alive, is not longer around to provide me with any guidance.  Therefore, I am teaching myself from my many, many cookbooks and documenting it here, for fun.

With that in mind, here are the butterfly fairy cakes I baked yesterday.  I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out, as were my chief tasters, although my daughter didn’t like ‘the crumbs’ – which is her term for the actual cake – she did enjoy ‘the cream’ (obviously the buttercream).

There are only 9 cakes pictured, not because the others flopped or weren’t as pretty, but because I didn’t have a lemon, so couldn’t add lemon juice to the buttercream, which meant that the buttercream didn’t go as far as it perhaps should have.  Also, I shared one with Beth before I took a picture, so there were two plain cakes left over.

They tasted pretty good too.  Not bad for my first time making fairy cakes.

Nicola, there will be some left for Tuesday, I promise, I hid some 😉


I Done Baked me a Cake!

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For the first time in over ten years I have today baked a cake!  It is a Malteser cake and I am so proud of myself!  I had to share the fruits of my labours here, look what I did!

Then I swirled the buttercream on top a bit, but the pic is a bit blurry –

I’m super proud of the cake and I thoroughly enjoyed myself making it.  I’m going to be doing much more baking (I hope) in the future.  Although, next time I plan to be a bit more patient and let the cake cool a bit longer before I do the frosting, as it was still a bit warm.  It tasted really good though…

There is a large slice still left untouched in addition to these leftovers, honest!

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