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Thirty Seconds To Mars

Posted in Music, Reviews with tags , , , , on 24/05/2013 by Jen Healey

Not usually a band that I look up on YouTube, but after catching their latest vid on Scuzz, I thought I’d share –

Love this video!




La Vampira

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La Vampira.

Check out the artwork on this blog – awesome!

Happy Birthday to me!

Posted in Gothic, Journal with tags , , , , , , on 13/01/2012 by Jen Healey

Ok, so I’m a¬†bit late with this, but I really haven’t had time to visit here lately.¬† So… catch up time.

Christmas was a lovely day, my little people had great fun with the many, many presents from Santa (who will have to watch the pennies now, I’m sure).¬† It really was wonderful to spend the whole festive season with my children, they really make it magical, ah to believe in Santa again.

My birthday, which I usually dread, was so lovely that my bottom lip split with all the smiling I did – I kid you not.¬† This was down to, as always, my sweet hubby, who will remain in the ‘good-books’ for quite some time – he still is almost two weeks later.¬† He had planned a surprise birthday party for me (on my 31st birthday! – New Years Day).¬† It wasn’t an ‘all-out’ do, just hubby, my babies and the in-laws at hubby’s parents’ house.¬† I don’t think that my poor mother-in-law would have appreciated her house being overrun by¬†all the (fabulous) people in my life/address book!¬† But it was perfect.¬†¬†My little people enjoyed playing with (or watching,¬†in Jakey’s¬†case) their cousins.¬† The food was scrummy and the cake…


Check it out –

It is almost all gone now, although I plan to save the largest black curl for as long as I can.  Which will be pretty tricky, as the black decorations turn your mouth (and fingers) really black.

Here are some more shots of the coolest cake I have ever seen –

For those of you who are not familiar with the works of the brilliant Tim Burton, this cake is based on his film The Nightmare Before Christmas.¬† I have started collecting selected items of NBC merch for my ‘Goth Shrine’ in my kitchen.¬† Here is the cake where it would have been perfect to keep it forever, if we hadn’t started eating it.

My shrine is coming along quite nicely now, thanks to recent additions since Christmas of the big Jack Skellington with his pumpkin and the mug – which I can’t quite bring myself to actually use yet (what have I become?!).

…and yes that is an actual four pack of True Blood!¬† It is not actually blood but Blood Orange flavour pop/soda¬†– tee hee.

A final testament to what a massive geek I am (which I am comfortable with), is this ‘piece’ combining both vampires and the Nightmare Before Christmas – Vampire Jack!



Blossom – not the tv show

Posted in Journal with tags , on 31/03/2011 by Jen Healey

I’m not sure what has happened to the weather these last couple of days, probably remembered it’s¬†British.¬† Not that I mind weather of any sort really and¬†I try to¬†never describe it as being miserable¬†(how can you possibly¬†assess the emotional state¬†of the weather?¬† I don’t advise you start talking to the clouds in the sky, people will¬†assume your cheese done slid off your cracker!¬† Besides, it might love to rain!).¬†¬†However, I was enjoying the effect of sunshine on the tree blossom, it doesn’t last very long and it¬†just made¬†my daily¬†walks to and from school and the village shop (wild and¬†hectic lifestyle, I know)¬†that¬†bit prettier, see…

On the way to school

At the school entrance

Even in the school car park

My garden was also¬†contributing to the spring feeling…

My tree - trying its best

And¬†my daffs, that are looking a bit wet and droopy this morning, in their early morning glory a few days ago…

Although, my magnolia tree is bursting with the promise of many pretty flowers to look forward to this season, which is nice.

Victoria Frances

Posted in Gothic with tags , , , , on 30/03/2011 by Jen Healey

The time has come to share with you some artwork created by one of my favourite artists (the other being HR Giger of course).  Although most of my lovely friends will already be well acquainted, from visits to my home, with the gothic Romanticism of Victoria Frances.  Unfortunately her official website is only available in Spanish at the moment, but it is beautiful and well worth a quick click. 

Here¬†are some of her works…¬†

I also have this piece in my kitchen…

And this is on the front cover of my diary, being the 2011 edition of her Favole Agenda which is also goth gorgeousness…


Posted in Gothic with tags on 19/03/2011 by Jen Healey

Whilst pottering about the internet this morning, looking for a decent image of the moon, I found these…¬†

I really can’t decide which one I like the most, as I’m still undecided upon what I want to use as¬†my Gravatar image.¬† They are all fab!

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