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It’s been a while…

Posted in Comedy Genius, Journal, Mental Morsels, Music, TV with tags , on 22/07/2013 by Jen Healey

I haven’t so much as checked my emails for a few weeks, let alone checked on the blogiverse.  I’m actually dreading opening my emails, as I fear it might take a huge chunk of time out of my life that I’ll never get back.  There have been two things that have motivated me to actually open my netbook tonight, one of which is my wish to organise myself to get to the ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition at the V&A before it ends.  The other was watching Russell Howard’s Good News, which has inspired me to debase myself and share a funny animal video.  I know this is not something that my friends will expect from me, but hey it made me smile, which was much-needed this evening.  Check it out –

I know, childish, but I don’t care.  Life is too short to be so fucking serious all the time.  Share some smiles, it’s the best medicine.



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That is definitely a meaty word for today.  Yes, I’m still immersing myself in philosophy, it opens so many doors and avenues of thought and research.  I can see why such postulating and theorising can take a lifetime of work.  Absorbing.

But, back to the word of my day – Solipsism.  Whoa!  I think I’ll leave it to the wonder that is Wikipedia to provide the definition – here. 

Any thoughts?




Bowie and Reznor!

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I may just faint from the ridiculous excitement I experienced when I found this video this morning –

Be still my beating heart!

I accept that I am probably a long way behind those ‘with it’ cool cats who have their fingers on the proverbial pulse, who have been aware of this collaboration for an age now.  I’m comfortable with that.  In fact, it underlines the opinion I have about music, art and literature in general.  It may be ephemeral, but that just means that it is there to discover at any time, you just have to look behind you once in a while.

That is the beauty of music etc. you can find something that speaks to (or for) you and is in line with where you are in that snapshot of the moment.  You get it.  You feel it gets you.  It resonates somewhere in your soul.  I don’t think it is an obscure, complex or unattainable thing, in fact, it is the exact opposite.

I may be getting a little off-track, but I enjoy ‘just going with it’, from obsession to obsession – or as I like to think of it – being interested and excited about something.  Is that so wrong?  Or weird?  Again, I don’t think so.  Nor do I want to get bogged down in defining either of those W words, today.  I’d take either over feeling world-weary or apathetic any day of the week.

Back to the star of the post, the vid, the lyrics of this are incredibly apt with my most recent perspective (realised whilst having a cup of tea in the park with a good friend of mine), which is that ‘normal people’ scare me.  They are so hostile, stressed and afraid of being human.  Scared that they won’t be able to maintain their apparent conformity with prescribed norms.  I’d like to examine the doctor.

I’ll stop before I get carried away, as is easy to do when you can’t hear the other person.

If I have introduced you to a tune/vid/artist that you enjoy – aces!  They are both seriously yummy too.

Pick your level for today…

…and enjoy it.


Simple things

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There were times in my childhood when cash was less than plentiful, like a great many others, both then and now.  It’s something many people may feel is a cause for shame, unless they have made lots of money since then and have their own ‘rags to riches’ tale.  I don’t feel either.  I feel grateful for not having vast sums of money when growing up, and at present, believe it or not.  I’m not saying that being skint is fun, but it is not the end of the world, nor the end of enjoyment.  Yesterday, after staying up late to watch ‘The Genius of David Bowie’, I spent time pottering around the house picking up after the family listening to Bowie repeatedly.  This is something I have previously had problems doing, as it brought back emotions that I didn’t care to relive, which was a shame as the man is truly an artist.  This may well be my favourite song of his –

Although, the lyrics of this one are… very ‘Nietzsche‘ – wonderful –

It got me feeling all nostalgic, but yet with a sense of stoic and profound, smiling to myself and feeling pleasantly moved.  You know, that thing.

In fact, I have been testing the safety of looking back into things from my childhood, through my new ‘philosophy tinted’ glasses, quite a bit of late.  It has been both empowering and quite successful in raising my mood, for free.

Prompted by scanning quite a few jars of lemon curd a recently, I decided (or succumbed to suggestion) that I had to have some on hot buttered toast, which I did and felt reminded of some pleasant times from the past.  I enjoyed it.  Then, from the same prompt, it was tinned peach slices with evaporated milk – bliss.  Both these treats were not expensive, also, priceless in their surprising purpose of making me feel close to my lovely grandma.  Not in a way that makes me sad about the fact that she is no longer here, more that I was giving a little nod to my memories of her.

Remember these? –


I have not had silver-top milk, from the milkman, for the longest time.  These were not delivered to my door, sadly, but sent over from my in-laws last week and went great with some weetabix.  Basic, yes, but that is often the most satisfying.

This post has been a little food-heavy, but I think that is one of the most direct routes to the past when, in retrospect, things felt so much more simple than now.  That can be a comforting, pleasant feeling sometimes and if it is one that is inexpensive to access then so much the better.

Music, also can be a powerfully evocative agent for certain times in our lives, for good or ill.  I am saddened when music that we once loved, and is thought of as defining a personal era, becomes difficult to listen to.  Which is why I’m all for ‘taking it back’, listening with different ears and perhaps associating it with something in the here and now, if there is not much in the past to hang it on that is not unpleasant.  It is a simple thing to enjoy, music, which is powerful and can be thought-provoking…

If you listen to that which touches your philosophies, life and perspectives, maybe challenges you and gives you pause to think.

What moves your mind… and hips?

Absolutely Amazing!

Posted in Books, Journal, Mental Morsels, Music, Musings, Reviews, Wonderful Words with tags , , , , , on 15/03/2013 by Jen Healey

An exciting sounding title, I know, but I’m so filled with surprising good feeling at the moment.  (Let’s hope that me posting this doesn’t jinx that!)  But, I have recently been finding that despite dire finances and a lack of career focus, there really is more to life than these material matters.  Those of you who have spoken to me of late will be well aware of my latest fascination with Philosophy.  Please don’t run, I’m not going to start getting all pretentious and lofty, that’s just not me.  However, when I find something that is both helpful and interesting I like to share it with anyone that is willing to listen.

So, with this in mind, I’m going to sing the praises of both a book that I have recently read and the library services which made it possible for me to do so.  The book is ‘The Consolations of Philosophy’ – by Alain de Botton.  Which I will own for myself one day soon, as it has become a very important book to me, marking the beginning of a love affair with this subject.  Here is an open invitation to join up on goodreads and share a world of books and opinions – click here, if you like.

The other link that I’m going to pop on this quick little post is one to my local library service, which enables me to search, reserve and collect books without leaving the village (courtesy of the Mobile Library service).  Yes I know this may sound a little old-fashioned what with E-Readers and the like, but I don’t think that anything compares to the feel and smell of a real book, that has been held and read by other people before me.  Okay, enough sentimentality from me.  I would urge you to support the work of your local library though, it is free after all and is a precious thing that would be terrible to lose, in my humble opinion.

I hope to see you on goodreads soon.

Enjoy something simple and cheap/free where you can.

N.B.  The Rush obsession continues also – The Trees – please skip the stupid feckin advert and give this song a listen.  I love it.


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I had to share this lovely post with you, my amazing readers…

Emotional Wellness

What a wonderful message to wake up to on Facebook this morning- thought I would share. Remember everyone, we’re all amazing! But of course if we’re hypomanic we already know that ;).


Affirmations are a starting place for turning around negative thoughts about ourselves. Negative thinking can range from telling ourselves we’re not very good at something to completely believing we’re utter failures in life, completely unlovable and worthless.

Affirmations are positive statements we say to ourselves, for example- I love and take care of myself. 

Once we tell ourselves something over and over again, we start to believe it. Once we believe it, we look for proof in our lives to support that belief. Therefore if we believe we are inherently bad inside and unlovable- we look for everyday proof that this is so: such as somebody putting us down or a disappointing result in a task.


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Ways to Celebrate Life #1

Posted in Journal, Mental Morsels with tags , on 06/09/2012 by Jen Healey

On Tuesday, after I dropped Beth at school, for her first day as a Year Three pupil, I met a good friend of mine in Leamington.  She kindly returned to me some books that I had left on my desk, before I left the world of Mental Health Nursing for good.  Amongst these books there was a pack of cards, that I had taken into work as a little prompt to use whilst on the phone with people who could use a little pick-me-up in the motivation department.

52 Ways to Celebrate Life (52 Decks)

So I thought I’d share some of the ideas in this little deck with my lovely readers.

This one is called ‘Big Time’

“Most of us are so afraid of wasting time that we don’t take the time to relish it.  Sometimes it helps to look at the big picture. The really big picture.  The universe is 15 billion years old. It took at least 5 billion years before galaxies formed.  What’s your hurry?  One hundred thousand years ago your ancestors were roaming across the savannah.  One hundred thousand years from now humans may not even be here.  Is that unfinished report really that important?

Remembering the really big picture can help us take our lives a little more lightly and feel the preciousness of our fleeting moment of existence.  Life is short, but you’re part of the wondrous unfolding history of the universe.”

As with all self-help, mental health-type stuff the rule, I find, is to take on what is useful and ditch the rest.  However, if you have not tried something, how do you truly know that it is not for you?

I intend to plagiarise a fair few of these cards, whilst respecting copyright laws, I hope.  I think when you are in possession of something that is (practically) free and possibly of use to someone else, it is a rotter who does not share it with others.

So I hope that over the next few weeks, or so, you find a little something to your liking that you might just try in order to celebrate the gift of life that is yours.

Okay, psycho-babble over.

I plan to finish the post I have in draft tomorrow evening, so that I may introduce you to my/Bethany’s new quails – they are seriously sweet!


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