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Rush (-ing) to catch up

Posted in Uncategorized on 07/04/2014 by Jen Healey

Sitting up this evening, waiting for the washing machine to do its job, whilst watching Rush – Beyond the Lighted Stage, I am struck with how much I feel I have so much to catch up with regarding literature and Rush’s back catalogue.  An odd coupling perhaps, but I have been linking them of late, with ‘Clockwork Angels’ by Kevin J. Anderson and the album, and with ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand and the album/song ‘2112’.

Clockwork Angels, the book, is (like Rush) underrated in my opinion.  I really must re-do my review of this on goodreads, as I can’t shake the frustration at the amount of reviews that pigeon-hole it as a ‘young-adult, coming-of-age story’.  It really isn’t.  I feel a little icky saying this, not wanting to be rude, but for someone to read that book and believe that is all it is, I genuinely feel that so many people ‘just don’t get it’.  Not the angst-ridden “Oh I’m so misunderstood” posturing, chucking one’s dummy out of the pram, no.  More a sadness that they are missing the point and therefore missing out on the joy of the thing.  Maybe it is not something that is all that readily shared in the usual day-to-day?  Art, in whatever form it is presented, is subjective, of course.  Arguing over it may be a futile exercise, as these things are down to individual taste, just as my impulse to try to share this indescribable, almost profound (for lack of a more accurate word) appreciation for that which I believe to be awesome, is lost to the ether.  It’s not a desire to draw attention to myself, or the books/band (although they heartily deserve it), but a sincere wish to share the enjoyment (another inadequate word) I get from thinking over these things.  These are the things that I cling to, as they mean a lot to me.  They are precious and beautiful.  A wasted effort on those who are unable/unwilling to perceive what is being offered, for the most part, I suppose.  It is a shame.

There are so many overlapping thoughts, themes and resonances running through so much of what I am reading and listening to at the moment, it’s quite wonderful.  I want to share it. That’s all.

I’m sure there are many who would read all kinds of cynical pseudo-psychological analysis-type opinions into such things.  To them I would say listen to 2112, really listen to it.

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