Trekkies everywhere

… at the Space Centre today.  It was brilliant.


To mark the end of the two-week respite from the dreaded school-run we went to Leicester for a visit at the Space Centre.  A treat in itself, but there was a Star Trek Convention there today.

We ate lunch in the same room as Jean-Luc, saw Klingons (in New Rock boots), green-skinned women and the most amazing Borg dude – it was amazing.  I know that admitting this may well confirm my status as a geek, but it was great to see people enjoying themselves, dressing up and having fun.


This was the closest likeness of the guy we saw today that I could find (photo credit).  He even moved like a drone from time to time, it was genius.

An addition to the fun indoors, we even had some sunshine today, which was a nice change for this ‘spring’.


Beth loves it there, as do I.  Although, she went up to the top of the rocket/building in the lift, but point-blank refused to go back down in it, so we had to take the stairs.  At least we didn’t have to climb up them.


I love that the section on the right is called Thor!  Also, I got to listen to a bit of Bowie at the top, and write ‘Ziggy played guitar’ on a slip of paper for a display that documented what people remember about the moon landing – tee hee.


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