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Urgh… HOT!!!

Posted in Fledgling Foodie File, Food, Gothic, Homemade, Journal, Music with tags , , , , , , , on 27/05/2012 by Jen Healey

I hardly ever moan about it being cold, so I’m entitled to say “It is too hot”!  I’m well aware that this is nothing compared to other countries’ hot weather/temperatures, but I’m British ok, so I like it colder, cloudier, windier, rainier… you get my drift.

I have problems sleeping well in these temperatures, waking often and remembering crazy, heat-induced dreams.  I think it is time to start stopping off for some frosty frappucino-type beverages, coolness and caffeine, mmmm.  This is definitely the time of year for cold drinks, shade-seeking (as I do not yet own a gorgeously Goth parasol) and ‘full-on’ fans.

Speaking of cold drinks, I only have one sachet of Kool-Aid left from my pal in America, so I’ll be making more of these –

Thick Strawberry Milkshakes. 

They are easy and scrummy.

Please feel free to share any culinary coolers, they will be gratefully received and shared.

Today my incredibly sweet (and handsome) hubby took a trip into town with our daughter, they returned with lunch and two pressies for me!

Check ’em out –

This is the same game/box, can you tell the difference (apart from my using the flash!)?

Yes, the picture changes.  Tee hee.  Look closer –

Goodly, chaste lady becomes –

Rampant, blood-thirsty Vampire!

You gotta enjoy the little things.  It actually looks like a fun game, for 3-6 players… any takers?

They also bought this back for me –

Yes, that is a brand new copy of Mr Manson’s latest album!  Am I the luckiest, most spoilt Mummy ever or what?  How perfect are these gifts for me?!

Cool gifts on a hot day 🙂

I hope your Sunday is a good one y’all!


Bloody Dexter!

Posted in Comedy Genius, Reviews, TV with tags , , on 25/05/2012 by Jen Healey

I know I am about six years behind the rest of the world, but after having recently rented the first three series, I am completely addicted to Dexter!  I’m up to the third episode of the fourth series, which is so far, the funniest.  Supreme black humour.

In usual style I have, of course, ‘Dextered’ my phone – ringtones, notification tones, wallpapers… and I really want to acquire and read the novels.  Yes, yes, I know…

To those of you who are aware of this series but, like me, missed the beginning, I really cannot recommend it highly enough.  How much that counts for is perhaps questionable, but I’m really enjoying it.  Despite the fact that I’m staying up late to watch it and am therefore a bit sleep deprived, I can’t get enough!  I’d always thought that it looked like something I would enjoy when I saw it advertised, but I am not someone who will just pick up with something halfway through, it’s just not in my nature, so starting to watch it on FX (season 6) now is absolutely out of the question because I’d missed the beginning.

I was lamenting the absence of new True Blood episodes to watch, so thought that Dexter would be a good replacement – and, oh boy, is it (he) ever!  Blockbuster stand to make a bit of cash out of me continuing to rent the DVD box-sets.  I really doubt that I’ll be able to resist season five when I return this set!

Should I be worried about being this obsessed with a serial killer?

Not that it is a huge change of pace, as I was fascinated with Jack the Ripper as a teenager, and still prick my ears up when I see a documentary on him now.  Also, I have a small thing about vampires… hmmmm.

I’m sure that once I get to the end of season 5 I’ll be hallucinating and beyond grumpy through lack of sleep, but it’s worth it.  Miami looks disgustingly hot, much better enjoyed from my sofa, like Charlaine Harris’ Bon Temps.


Posted in Mental Morsels, Wonderful Words with tags on 20/05/2012 by Jen Healey

I hope that the author of the post I just reblogged doesn’t mind that I did that without asking permission!  I’ve never done that before, apologies if I have committed some massive faux pas.  But I thought it may be of interest to a couple of my readers, it was to me, also I would be unlikely to come across this any other way, as I refuse to join the Facecrap!

I do not take any credit for the post on Caring for Introverts, just wanted to share it with others.

Posted in Mental Morsels, Reviews on 20/05/2012 by Jen Healey

I really like the care guidelines on this post, they should be on every managers’ office wall!

Zombieland – not for kids

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Despite the title, this post will not be dedicated purely to the most awesome zom-com film of the same name.  No.  I’m also going to ‘give a shout out’ to Twinkies and Kool-aid.

Firstly, those of you who have not had the pleasure of watching Zombieland, you have missed a real treat.  To the rest of us, enjoy the opening scene –

What a perfect matching of zombies and Metallica – epic start to a film!

How does this link to Twinkies and Kool-aid I hear you ask?  Well, Twinkies feature pretty significantly in Zombieland, at least the search for them does for Woody Harrelson.  Now, ever since I watched Ghostbusters as a young ‘un I was always curious about what a Twinkie actually tastes like, exacerbated by the watching of Zombieland last year for the first time.  Recently, thanks to a lovely lady in the States (Arkansas), hubby and I savoured our first ever Twinkies!  To your average American this probably sounds daft, but it was actually really exciting.  We washed them down with some Kool-aid!  I felt like I could have been in America!!!  We watched Zombieland whilst eating a Twinkie!!!  “You gotta enjoy the little things”  – it’s the rules!

A Bit Late…

Posted in Comedy Genius, Journal, Musings with tags on 13/05/2012 by Jen Healey

I just realised that I let the first birthday of this blog go un-acknowledged!  It was the 13th of Feb, so this is a seriously after-after-thought!

I had thought of using it as an opportunity to air the first post that I ever wrote, so that’s what I’ll do today, 3 months late but hey…

Here it is/was –


Hello world!

Posted in Journal with tags   on 13/02/2011 by Jen

Hi there.  This is me dipping my toe into blogging.

The idea behind this is primarily to keep in touch with my lovely friends, soon to be readers, hopefully on a regular basis.  Which is why I plan to keep privacy setting pretty high.  I can’t very well have service-users reading about how ‘into’ vampires I am, or being privy to some of the random thoughts that occur to me on occasion (ok most of the time)!  I don’t think that would engender much confidence in my mad professional skills really.

Anyway, I thought I’d start on a random bit of hilarity – it’s genius and a bit scary.  I’m sure Bill Compton would approve.  Enjoy!


I’m still just as much into vampires as I ever was, if not more so, but soon the privacy settings may be relaxed a bit – which will be nice.

I’m off to cook roast chicken dinner and later work a bit on my next post, which will not be suitable for children…

See y’all soon!

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