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Seasons smiles

Posted in Comedy Genius, Mental Morsels, Musings, TV with tags , , on 19/12/2011 by Jen Healey

Ok so Christmas is nearly here, am I all ready and wrapped?  No.  I’ll probably end up doing my usual wrapping fest into the early hours of Christmas day, again, but it’s good to have family traditions isn’t it?

If any of you fine people are all organised and ready, don’t tell me, that’s just bragging in the face of my annual anxiety.

This being the festive season, there are likely to be plenty of people all full of the ‘spirit of the season’, usually with the help of spirits or other boozy beverages.  This is nice and I hope that their Christmas is all that they wish for.  Truly I do.   But for those whose view is less than joyful, who see this time of year as a reminder of things that they have lost, or as a debt-inducing headache, or even just as another shitty day… Let us have some smiles that are flip-all to do with Santa, cards, lights, gifts and feeling guilty about those who have less than we do (not that we have buckets of cash, ’cause I know I really don’t), or getting all soppy about ‘the true meaning of Christmas’ – yuk.

Check these out instead –

This vid is a bit sketchy, but is genius!  Hubby found this one…

I love Johnny Depp, but then what straight woman doesn’t?

I have to pop some Boosh in, of course…

Are you missing the Boosh yet Nicola?  Got yourself a hankering for more?!

Here’s some Eddie Izzard via the medium of Lego –

In truth I actually can’t wait for the 25th, to see my little people opening their presents and the over-eating, specifically some hot Christmas pudding with cold double cream…mmmmm.  Ooooh and warm mince pies with cold clotted cream.

Tele-visual fare is usually pretty good too.

I think I will actually leave y’all with a cheesy thought, can’t not.  I think Christmas (not just the one day on the 25th) is what you choose it to be, so grab some rose-tint and make it a good ‘un.


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