Leamington Food and Drink Festival

Last Sunday my little family and I went to the Food and Drink Festival that was held at the Royal Pump Rooms Gardens, it was a really nice morning.  I had been to the library a few times, but never actually walked round the museum at the Pump Rooms.  Neither did I realise that there was a gorgeous room like this in there –

But enough of that, there are pictures of cakes to look at.  Here are a few pictures of the festival, taken wide so that people don’t go kicking up a stink about their image being used without consent forms!

On the far left of this picture there is the stall of a very fine local food producer – Offchurch Poultry, their chicken burgers and sausages are eaten very frequently in our house (not that we’re related or anything!).

There was even a Mexican-style Mariachi band, which was fun to watch –

People always step in the way at precisely the wrong moment, apologies to the middle musician!

Now for the cakes…

The elusive Red Velvet cupcake, which I am yet to try, let alone bake.

Well it is the end of National Cupcake Week, so, as I didn’t bake any yet, I’ll show you some funky-looking cupcakes made by someone else.

Of course I had to buy a couple, Beth had one with a black ribbon (her choice, surprisingly, I’d have guessed pink!), which just about made it home.

I had to go for a chocolate one –

Hubby’s not really a big cake fan, but he does like bread and cheese, so I spied and bought him some caramelised onion bread and a gorgeous cheese and onion focaccia bread.  I barely had the chance to snap the focaccia before it was completely devoured!

It was a circle of bread!!!

It was so soft, not crusty like the ones on the Great British Bake Off, which I think is a good thing.

This Sunday I have a family birthday party to go to, so I’m off to get people ready.  I hope your Sunday is/was an enjoyable one x



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