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Ha! Here we go!

Posted in Comedy Genius, TV with tags , , on 22/07/2011 by Jen Healey

Here is one of my current favorite things on TV at the moment.  I also can’t stop saying it in the office.  It can’t be very reassuring for people to think that mental health professionals spend their time quoting people from the swamps! 

Ah well… here we go! 


Cleaning blog

Posted in Journal with tags on 14/07/2011 by Jen Healey

Nope, not a blog post about cleaning – ha ha, as if anyone would want to read that!  I have just removed a couple of widgets, sadly, from the side of this much-neglected blog.  I have come to realise that I really have no hope of maintaining a weekly blog post here, a daily one is beyond ridiculous at the moment, I probably couldn’t even manage a monthly one!  Pretty pathetic, given my resolution to do just those things was made only a few months ago.  With this in mind, I’m cleaning off all redundant widgets and favourites from my pooter, and really trying to not do things that I don’t have to do.  Boring, but practical and trying to be a bit gentle with myself. 

I’m not completely chucking in the typing towel though, I still will drop by every now and again to add a thought or two, for those of you who pop by still.  Thanks, I hope you are all shiny and smiley. 

I have not only given up on a regular blog post – at the moment I hasten to add – but I’ve left the tweetery of Twitter too.  So I’m no longer following all those kooky folks who profess to be vampires, but repeat the same quote over and over.  Although, I never did get round to replying to one who would regularly tweet that people with a negative blood type have a negative attitude.  I seriously doubt that.  I’m not denying that I have a tendency towards the negative and expecting the worst, but I don’t think that is determined by my blood type!  Donut. 

I also bid a fond farewell to being an organiser of a meetup group (The Warwickshire Ghosthunters), which closed as no one else stepped into the role.  I thought this was a shame, but I was really happy to meet some cool people, with whom I am still in contact and hope to honour a couple of the dates we had arranged.  Although, I’m not doing too well with that either as yet. 

Life, is busy running off with all my spare time!  It’s rude! 

Cheery waves to you all.  I hope to see you back here soon… 


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