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Busy, busy, busy.

Posted in Mental Morsels, Musings on 25/06/2011 by Jen Healey

Yep, that’s me at the moment, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  As the saying goes ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’, I’d probably go further though and apply this principle to the mind as well – occupation seems to be the key to good health in all aspects of human life, in my humble opinion.  I encounter many varied and interesting people in my work-day, many of whom struggle with their mental health and find themselves at a loss to find something with which to occupy themselves.  This is a big obstacle at times, as with depression, not only is concentration and motivation an issue, but couple that with no personal interests and things can become very difficult. 

If, when talking with someone, they become more animated when touching on a certain subject, I know that I’m part way there to engaging and hooking into something that will help me to help the client manage their most difficult emotions.  It is also pretty handy to tap into that interest that lights them up, even if it’s just a brief glimmer, as some suggestions that are in the usual mental health resources can be… just plain ‘fruity’.  Things that very few people would ever dream of trying to do to distract them from their emotional distress.  Which leaves me with the task of dreaming up activities and distractions that can also be so far from someone’s usual scope of interest or engagement, well it’s just embarrassing sometimes.  Not to mention frustrating, for both parties. 

I can almost hear you thinking “What use is distracting someone from their feelings?  Surely it would be better to sort out why someone feels the way they do rather than ignoring it?”  Sure, I agree, but feeling awful is no way to go about your daily life.  Things rarely stop for long enough to enable someone to work through their psychological traumas and the effects of them.  Lets face it, chances are that it has taken years for someone to perceive the world in their unique way, for better or worse.  It is monumentally unrealistic to think that coming to terms with some past trauma, or a traumatic event, would be quickly and easily resolved.  If it ever can be resolved.  Now that in itself may be a scary thought for many people, that the effect of some past event(s) may never go away.  But again, that may well be the reality of it.  Then it becomes, as it should start out as being, finding and trying many different ways to effectively manage and minimise the effect it has on the individual today. 

I read a pretty cool quote today, “The greatest victory is victory over self; to be conquered by self is of all things the most shameful and vile” (the Roman poet Publius Syrus – if nothing else his name is pretty cool!) – now this is not something that I would be likely to say to someone who is struggling with a depressive episode, their self-esteem would not take it well I feel.  I read it in a book that warns against the ‘evils of procrastination’, which is only part of the problem sometimes, but a fairly hefty part which is not to be underestimated.  I am reading it to help both myself and a couple of service users I have in mind. 

At both work and home I find myself always occupied with some task or other that needs to be done, but never really feeling caught up.  I am very guilty of procrastination, I’m doing it now, blogging rather than cataloguing a box of listed books for my Amazon bookstore or tackling the bursting bag of paperwork lurking at my feet under my desk as I type.  I know I’ll feel better once it is done – but I don’t want to do it.  I can waste my time giving excuse after excuse, that will all sound very valid and make me feel justified in not doing either of those things, or any of the other bazillion jobs/chores that taunt me from the nagging recesses of my tired brain, letting me know that there is no escape for the ‘responsible adult’.  Poo! 

It appears that it comes down to responsibility, again.  I have issue with those who don’t accept that they, like me, have responsibilities to make the right choices and get the jobs done.  Which sounds pretty judgemental of me, but please believe me that I’m not trying to be.  Like others, I would (and do) avoid doing the things that I don’t want to do, that seem hard to do or are just not what I want to be doing.  But that is the motorway to ruin, running away from the crappy stuff in favour of sitting back in that which is familiar, putting your feet up and throwing in the towel.  Life actually is too short to spend it with a brain (and a home/workplace) cluttered with unfinished chores and unresolved issues that detract from the enjoyment that can be gained from life, with some bloody hard work, application and giving it a go. 

Get it done, we’ll all feel better. 

I guess… 😉


I can’t help it, they’re my favourite…

Posted in Music, TV with tags , , , on 12/06/2011 by Jen Healey

I’m sure that you are all a bit fed up of my gushing over Type O Negative and their frontman Peter Steele, but all week long I’ve been driving (many miles) to their last album ‘Dead Again’, which I am in love with completely.  It baffles me that this week is the first time I have listened to it in its entirety!  I’ve just learned that it was released in 2007!  Guess I’m no longer a child-less teenager with hours to devote to music, which is absolutely fine – who would ever want to go back to those years?!  Hell no! 

One song in particular was playing in my head on waking Thursday and is still in there now on Sunday morning.  Here it is… She Burned Me Down

Speaking of favourites, hubby and I are loving the History Channel at the moment.  I can get my fix of the South (of America) most days without having to pop on a True Blood DVD.  Check it out… 

Ax Men – “Here we go!” 

Swamp People – Troy Landry is brilliant!  He just makes me smile.  I would love to have the theme tune for a ring tone! 

Also, there’s Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Storage Wars and – a new series that looks pretty cool – Hardcore Pawn.  TV – sorted! 


Challenging Ideas 10/10

Posted in Mental Morsels on 06/06/2011 by Jen Healey

The tenth (and last) ‘Challenging Idea to Think About’ is: 

“The world is not always just or fair.  Being good offers no guarantee of a happy outcome.” 

Sad, but true…


Challenging Ideas 9/10

Posted in Mental Morsels on 04/06/2011 by Jen Healey

The ninth ‘Challenging Idea to Think About’ is: 

“We are all free to do whatever we like; all we have to do is face the consequences.” 


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