Twitter twit!

I’m late doing my blog here today thanks to my inability to make Twitter work!  Stupid flippin’ thing!  Frickin’ frickety frick!  I’m in a proper grump grrrrrrr!  I’ve spent my evening trying to set up an account for my wee little amazon bookstore, to try to improve the service for my customers, but it really doesn’t want to play.  So I’m going to walk away before I upset my laptop too!  I have many boxes of stock books to catalogue anyway, using trusty pen and paper – hurrah!  Apologies for all the !!!!!!!!

P.s.  Lotte you are in all kinds of trouble with me! 😉


2 Responses to “Twitter twit!”

  1. HAHAHA you love it really x

    • Feckin thing still won’t play nicely! Poor little bookshop will have to wait now, I cancelled account in temper… ooops x

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